Thursday 18 July 2024

Peace - do you really care?


Can I make a difference?

I can do nothing but talk about the problem and abdicate responsibility to 'them' - whoever I imagine 'they' are.

Or, I could get together with a few like-minded people and together we can be more powerful. We might even make a difference. For sure, we will feel satisfied that at least we tried and are not like the whingeing masses who talk and do nothing.

What if a lot of people got together, not just a few? We might really make a difference. Politicians listen to groups - they listen harder to big groups. What if a million of us got together?

what if a million of us got together?
Well, that's FIC's latest project. Get over a million people to declare that they support peace. It's that simple and you can be part of it!

Our Partners in Hiroshima and others have engaged non-nuclear states in the past and, unsurprisingly, they are in favour of nuclear disarmament. They realise that engaging nuclear states is now critical. States like Kazakhstan have given up their nuclear capability - others can too.

If over one million of us get behind peace think how much people - and politicians - will listen!

So, do you care? Do you want to join our campaign? It couldn't be simpler - and it only costs you a few clicks of the mouse! This is all you have to do:

  • follow @weRall4peace on Twitter to show your support for world peace; and

  • sign up to the Thunderclap. It is really simple - signing up just allows it to send a message via your Twitter / Facebook / Tumblr account(s) (you can do all you have!) at 1300 UK time on World Peace Day (21 September 2015) - just click this link to the Thunderclap at and follow the instructions. Be sure you are logged into your Twitter / Facebook / Tumblr account(s) before clicking the buttons on the Thunderclap page and remember - you can sign up from any or all three if you have them!

  • and, of course, encourage as many people as you can to do both as well !!

do it now - make a difference!

Do it now - why wouldn't you? It's simple and your support can help make a difference - a real difference. As we say, actions speak louder than words - be dynamic and do something to be proud of - you know you want to make a difference, don't you?