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Thursday 18 July 2024

About us

Our objectives

    ... "think globally, act individually" ...


To encourage effective collaboration amongst people and organisations, particularly those working in the area of peace and reconciliation - "the whole is greater than the sum of the parts thereof"

To act as a catalyst to bring people, organisations and governments together

To offer our own proven 'personal development' approach as part of the process (helping to develop and realise the individual's potential and hence to benefit their community, society, organisation - think globally and acting individually

To work with all people - from young to old, disengaged to engaged, disadvantaged or not, through to those in leadership roles in NGOs, government and organisations

To utilise and develop our local and international contacts and to share and utilise their knowledge, experience, expertise, etc

To establish a 'presence' internationally as a centre for the organisation and its work with the objective of having other centres around the world.

Who we work with and why ...

Our Charter sets out out ethos and beliefs.

One of our core beliefs is inclusiveness and one of our objectives is to facilitate positive and sustainable change.

For that reason we work with a wide variety of people and groups, some of which may have a less than positive public image. Our criterion for working with anyone is that they demonstrate to us that they genuinely want to effect positive change. We believe that working in all circumstances is the only way to help facilitate that change. In fact, we welcome working on such projects as, without them, there will no effective development and improvement.

How we work ...


The Foundation for International Collaboration is being established as a charity with the objectives set out above and in our Charter.

The Foundation has a Board of Advisers drawn from a wide range of expertise, backgrounds and organisations - ranging from Government through inspirational role models to Religious leaders.

The Administration of the Foundation is by a Secretariat, with the advice and guidance of our Board of Advisers and Trustees.