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Thursday 18 July 2024

Our Charter

These principles constitute the Charter of the Foundation for International Collaboration (FIC) and form the basis on which the work of the Foundation is undertaken:

  1. Collaboration, the sharing of knowledge and free exchange of ideas through effective communication, lead to innovation, better understanding and the resolution of global and local challenges

  2. Enlightened thinking, education and the pursuit of knowledge are the best means to solve the challenges of the 21st century

  3. Justice is integral to the progression of society and should be attained transparently, with collaboration, according to the rule of law

  4. Economic prosperity is best attained through just and free enterprise, conducted ethically, with integrity and fairness

  5. People have unending potential and each person's uniqueness is the treasure of human personality

  6. Self-esteem and having a worthwhile meaning and purpose in life underpin respect for every individual and their achievements, success and effectiveness

  7. Freedom of expression is the hallmark of developed and respected societies

  8. Individuals deserve respect without any form of discrimination, regardless of their ethnicity, beliefs, colour, gender, abilities, sexuality or any other trait

  9. Our understanding of differences, especially cultural histories, should be used as an opportunity for collaboration and development, rather than a basis for hate and prejudice

  10. Every person has an equal opportunity to make the most of their lives and their talents, regardless of their nation or geography, and has the right to at least the minimum requirements of life (housing, food and medical care) and to live in the absence of persecution and violence